At Team Chameleon we have made a vast array of short films over the years, they have been screened at festivals around the world and even on TV. All of our shorts have been shot on tiny budgets to demonstrate how far we can make money stretch, as well as having some very talented friends to help us out.

Team Chameleon also operates as a production company, producing shorts for a wide range of directors via our in house producer Lauren Parker. Many of these are with much bigger budgets then our own in house productions but as we've always had to stretch our budget, we're confident that we manage to get the most out of any budget big or small.

Our most successful short is the film 6 Shooter below, it premièred at Frightfest, has been screened on the horror channel and was a finalist in the Shortcuts to Hell competition. It has had a successful festival run, showing around the world, and we hope to make it a feature one day.


Magnets (2013) our fun and splatter filled homage to the 80's.

Venerie (2013) A Team Chameleon/ Loonatiks and Drinks co-production, written and directed by David Lilley.

The Chateau (2012) A short thriller/horror based on one womans fears, anxiety and paranoia.

Hitman: Chimera (2012) our tribute to the Hitman games